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Production Facility:

Sandal Dyestuff's production facility came about after years of careful planning and research. The objective was to make the best use of Sandal's vast experience of over three decades in both commercial and quality aspects of dyestuffs. To do this well, a continuous transfer of technology took place between Sandal and its multinational partners. Leading consultants in dyestuffs industry from around the world took part in various aspects of the plant's design and set up. The result has been a state of the art facility doing justice to the vast expertise at hand for its operation.

The Largest Spray Drying facility in Pakistan

Sandal Dyestuff's most modern Spray Drying facility has the largest capacity among others in its class in the country, providing both Powder & Non-dusting granulates for all types of Dyes.

Sandal Dyestuff's state of the art facility includes:
Latest P.L.C. based Reverse Osmosis Plant for Dye Purification to achieve highly pure, salt-free dyes in powder from and in liquid form.
Knauta Mixers (conical screw blenders) for Powder to Powder blending.
A modern inert gas Polymerization Unit, capable of handling Acrylic Co-polymers of any type.
The only Copper Pthalocyanine Manufacturing unit in the country.
A comprehensive Dispersion Department having horizontal & vertical Sandmills for achieving a uniform & very fine particle size of up to 0.5 micron level for liquid Pigment Dispersions.
Spray Dryer.
  Zinc Sulphate
  Ice Plant

Plant Design
Mr. Janusz Kloczkowski /Chief Chemist.
M/s. Sandal Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
M/s. Chika Overseas Ltd. / India.

Plant Erection & Commissioning
M/s. Sandal Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
M/s. Mojj Engineering Ltd. / India.

Plant & Equipment Suppliers
M/s. Bayer AG Germany.
M/s. Chika Overseas Ltd. India.
M/s. Mojj Engineering Ltd. India.
M/s. A. Forth B.V. Netherlands

Technical Know-How Provided by
M/s. Bayer AG Germany
M/s. Chika Overseas Ltd. India
M/s. Highland Dye-Chem. Ltd. India
Mr. Janusz Kloczkowski Poland

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